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The trend in network security and the managing and defending againstattacks has moved away from the deployment of individual solutionstoward a consolidation of multiple applications. The the evolutionfrom standard UTM to NGFW and to Sandboxing is still not able to inspect,analyze, and react in real-time, at the point of impact. Theanalysis is slow by today's standards. The ability to stop constantlymutating viruses are now a requirement. While this approach maycentralize the individual point solutions, they are incapable of coordinatingthe communication between the individual attack vectors andvarious technologies.Today, cyber-attacks are incorporating the evolving attributes of viruses,Trojans, Bots, APTs, and DDoS to evade UTM, NGFW and Sandboxing.Barrier1 and its patented analytics process, uses these attributes for theon-board Advanced Analytic Reaction Engine (AARE) that drives the multilayeredalgorithms. The results far exceed any other approach in themarket today and all statements have been proven by live networktesting. It is why we win the national awards, like SC Magazine'sInnovation Hall of Fame, three years in a row.That is the Barrier1 Difference.