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Rating Systems, Inc.

Rating Systems, Inc.

Each year, U.S. Public K-12 Education spends more than $115 billion on materials, services, and systems used by more than 4million educators in their daily efforts to educate more than 54 million students.

EdCredible’s goal is to provide school districts and their staff with accurate, unbiased evaluations and ratings—created by educators for educators—of vendors and their good and services to help ensure that teachers and administrators get only the very best products and services.

The system provides the ability for ‘verified K12 staff’ to created anonymous Reviews and Ratings of vendors and their goods and services. 

The system and information can be used by districts to evaluate

-     which products to keep,

-     which products to eliminate, and

-     which new products to consider for purchase. 

The system can also be used to 'real-time score' vendor proposals and presentations during the RFP process as well as rating vendor service and quality during the implementation and training processes.

Vendors and customers can use the disaggregated information to evaluate vendor performance and determine where to make improvements.